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Financial Inquiry for City of Duluth Utility Energy Conservation Loan Program

  • The information provided on this form is for the purpose of determining eligibility for the City of Duluth Utility Energy Conservation Loan Program. You are not required by law to answer all the questions on this form, but the answers will assist the Department of Public Works and Utilities in evaluating your application. Information provided will be used only by the Department of Public Utilities, and shall remain confidential.

    You are required to have loan payments deducted from a valid checking account.

Project & Confirmation Information

  • An Advanced Home Energy Audit is a walk-through energy inspection.  Providing a simple payback analysis on recommended conservation or efficiency measures that cost over $100, notification of potentially hazardous situations and unsafe appliance options, analysis of energy use patterns, blower door tests, thermal scans to identify building air leaks and insulation needs.

  • Water and Sewer lateral line replacement grants may be available to assist with the cost or your replacement.

  • This program offers a rebate directly from ComfortSystems when you are looking for a new high efficiency boiler or furnace. When you buy a new high efficiency boiler or furnace from one of our trade partners and it is installed within the ComfortSystems service territory, you get a rebate from $50 to $200, depending on the efficiency of the unit. To qualify for the rebate, the unit installed must be on the ComfortSystems' rebate equipment list.  Boiler at 83.5% and greater AFUE is eligible for $50 rebate.  Boiler at 90% or greater AFUE is eligible for $200 rebate.  Furnace at 90% and greater AFUE is eligible for a $200 Rebate.

  • REUP - ComfortSystems, Minnesota Power, and Ecolibrium3 have partnered to introduce an energy efficiency program designed for small rental properties. Potential Participants: Property owner or landlord who own or manages a two, three, or four-unit rental property that rent to income qualified households.  Grants are only available for properties that require a split of their mechanical systems.  Grants are 50% up to the maximum value listed below for qualifying upgrades and the equipment must be over 90% efficient.  Insulation and Air Sealing: - Free weatherization and air sealing services are available. Grants are also available for qualifying professional air sealing and insulation projects. Ask Ecolibrium3 about their Giving Comfort at Home program. 

  • The Comfort Policy is an inexpensive extended service plan option.  Our experienced service technicians can help detect potential problems and replace worn parts before they have a chance to create a major costly breakdown. Most parts and labor are covered at no extra charge.  To be eligible for a Comfort Policy an inspection is required to ensure that the furnace has been cleaned within the past 12 months, is in reasonable condition, and that it is no longer under warranty. That visit will also include a brief explanation of the covered parts and services. If it is determined that a cleaning is required, a separate appointment must be scheduled and a service fee will apply.  Once your Comfort Policy is active, you are eligible to receive an annual free maintenance checkup during the policy year to keep your heating unit in top running condition and keep it in compliance with the terms and conditions of the Comfort Policy program.

Section A - Information Regarding Applicant

  • Alimony, child support or separate maintenance income do not need to be included if you do not wish to have it considered for repayment of loan.

Section B - Martial Status

Section C - Information Regarding Joint Applicant

  • Alimony, child support, or separate maintenance income need not be revealed if you do not wish to have it considered as a basis for repaying this obligation.

Section D - Asset & Debt Information

  • OUTSTANDING DEBTS (Include charge accounts, installment contracts, credit cards, rent, mortgages, etc.)

Section E - Property to be Improved

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    I (We) certify that the above statements are true, accurate and complete. This application shall remain the property of the City to which submitted for the purpose of obtaining a loan.

    I (We) authorize the City of Duluth - Department of Public Works and Utilities to obtain consumer credit report and verify that information. The information that the City of Duluth - Department of Public Works and Utilities obtains is only to be used to process my (our) application for a Home Energy Loan.

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