Hydrant Meter Permit

Business Information

Meter Setup Information

Terms & Conditions


    I hereby make application to the Public Works & Utilities (“the Department”) to install meters to measure water and/or gas (as noted on the reverse side of this application) for use only at the service address listed. 

    I hereby certify the information given on this application is true and correct. I authorize the Department to verify this information and retain the application whether or not it is approved. I further authorize the Department to receive and retain credit information on my credit experience with other creditors. 


    I hereby agree to use said meters strictly in accordance with the ordinances, rules and regulations of the Department, which ordinances, rules and regulations are as truly a part of this application as though printed herein in full. I further agree to pay all valid bills or charges for materials and services of any nature whatsoever rendered by the Department, including, for damage to the meters and I hereby authorize the shutting off of any service under this application for any failure of payment as specified above. I also hereby agree the Department has the right to easy access to meters at all reasonable hours for reading or examination of the same or for any other lawful errand. 


    The applicant, by providing, agrees and understands that should this account receive a termination of service notice within the first twelve (12) consecutive billings, the Department reserves the right to request a security deposit in the amount shown below. Failure to pay the requested security deposit may result in termination of service. 

    The amount of the security deposit required by the Department is calculated pursuant to Section 48-12 of the Duluth City Code.

Permit Fee

  • PERMIT FEE - A permit fee for the use of the hydrant must be paid before use of the hydrant. This fee covers flow control setup and removal. Payments can be made over the phone by calling 218-730-4050. 

    Applicant agrees to pay all applicable utility charges for water taken from above specified hydrant at current billing rate. Relocation of the hydrant meter must be approved by Engineering and the Meter Shop. A relocation fee will be charged for this service. It is further understood applicant assumes responsibility and liability for any damage to hydrant and connection appurtenances until appurtenances are remove by the Meter Shop Department.

    No meter shall remain out after November 1st without calling (218) 730-4043 for special arrangements.