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    Alcohol Consumption Permit Guidelines

    All City of Duluth Facility Rentals must have an Alcohol Consumption Permit before alcohol can be consumed.

    Applications must be completed at least 30 days in advance of event.

    Permit Line: 218-730-4305

    Alcohol Consumption Permit Fee: $150

    Alcohol Consumption Criteria

    • Alcohol at No Charge - Alcohol has to be obtained by the private party and brought in, or alternately provided by a restaurant with a caterer’s permit that provides both food and alcohol. (The Alcohol Consumption Permit will be authorized once a copy of the contract is provided by the restaurant providing the alcohol.)
    • Sale of Alcohol - A restaurant with a caterer’s permit that provides both food and alcohol is required and a copy of the contract must be submitted before the permit will be authorized.

    Security Requirement for Alcohol Consumption

    Pending review of this application by the Duluth Police Department Licensing Agent, a licensed peace officer(s) employed by the City of Duluth, or a private security firm, may be required to be present at all times alcohol is consumed. The Police Department will instruct you on what is needed. Separate charges for security will apply and are billed and paid for separately from this $150 permit fee. It is up to the applicant to research the current extra duty terms, rates, cancellation policies, and more. This information can be found at http://www.duluthmn.gov/police/hiring-an-officer/.

    Security Requirements: Do not direct security questions to the Parks & Recreation Division. Please contact Officer Dave Drozdowski at ddrozdowski@duluthmn.gov.

    Buildings: Alcohol consumption is restricted to within the building

    Parks: Alcohol consumption is restricted to within 50 feet of the existing shelter (pavilion or gazebo) or designated area, if a shelter does not exist in the park.

    No alcohol consumption permit will be authorized without security requirements first completed with the Duluth Police Department.

    Sections of these policies are enforceable by City Ordinances and State Statutes:

    Duluth City Code: Chapter 8 Article I Sec. 35-8, 9 | MN State Statute: 340A101, 340A.414

Event Information

Applicant Information

Terms & Conditions

  • Hold Harmless

    Permittee agrees to defend, indemnify, and save harmless the City from any and all liens, claims, suits, demands, liability, judgment costs, damages, and expenses which may accrue against or be charged or may be recovered from the City by reason of or account of any claim for damage arising from Permittee’s use or occupancy of the premises whether or not person or persons including Permittee, its members, Permittee’s employees, agents, volunteers, invitees, or tenants, whomsoever occasioned or caused by the contact, acts, or omission of Permittee, its members, volunteers, invitees, or tenants, or by reason of the use, development, operation, or maintenance of said premises by Permittee under this agreement. Upon ten (10) days written notice, Permittee will appear and defend all claims and lawsuits against the City growing out of any such injury or damage resulting from any defect in the construction or condition of all the interior and exterior premises of the site. The City does not waive its immunities under state or federal law.

    Notice to Applicants

    The officers are at all times subject to the policies of the City of Duluth, the laws and Constitution of the United States and the State of Minnesota, and the rules and regulations governing employees of the Duluth Police Department (DPD). An applicant has no authority over police personnel and is restricted to providing only a general assignment of duties to be performed by the officer. Those assignments never supersede DPD policy or procedures and the Applicant is hereby so advised. Extra duty officers remain under the exclusive control of the City and are accountable for strict adherence to its rules and regulations. Any conflicting rules of the Applicant will be determined by the Department. Officers may be recalled from extra duty to on duty status.

    This application is for law enforcement work only and does not exempt Applicants from obtaining other necessary permits for events. The City of Duluth Police Department is NOT obligated to provide extra duty services. The City reserves its right to deny an application for extra duty officers.

    DPD officers are not permitted to receive cash from the Applicant for any reason. Extra Duty Police services provided will be billed via invoice. The invoice will be due in full upon receipt. Failure to pay in a timely manner may result in collection action.

    YOU WILL BE CONTACTED BY THE POLICE DEPARTMENT ONLY IF AN OFFICER IS UNAVAILABLE FOR HIRE. Otherwise, if you have submitted this form and been instructed by police that an officer must be hired, know that an officer will be present at the time requested. The City Treasurer’s Office will send out an invoice 1-2 weeks into the month following the event. If you have questions, contact the Extra-Duty Coordinator at jhansen@duluthmn.gov.