• *If you are a county, state or federal government entity or Department of Human Services/Child Protection please send your official request to policerecords@duluthmn.gov

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Local Records Check or Background Check

  • $10.00 per data subject to be submitted with your request for Letter of Conduct/Background Check. Checks made payable to Duluth Police Department or exact cash. One request per page.

    *Payment must be made prior to the request being processed.
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Request for Address Call History

  • Understand what you are getting:

    When you request call history for an address, you are required to list the specific address.  You must also specify the date range for the data you are requesting.  You will receive a report consisting of the incident report number, types of calls, the date of each call and the time.  This will only include Duluth Police Department incidents.  If you would like more detail for a case on your report, you will need to make a full police report request using the forms available at the police desk or on our website.

    ICR Date Time CAD Type Disposition Address
    18000000 01/01/2018 06:00 Public Assist AST 2030 N Arlington Ave
    18000001 01/02/2018 08:00 Information REF 2030 N Arlington Ave
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  • The information that you are asked to provide on this form will be used to process your request.  The information you provide is subject to the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act and is classified as public.  You are not legally required to provide this information, but we may not be able to process your request without it.  

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